Thanks a-Lotte.

Today after my first day of training, I walked 15 minutes down the road to open up a local bank account.  On my way back, I found myself wandering into Lotte, a store that I assumed to be a supermarket. Well I was right in a sense, because a SUPER market it was. There was a floor of clothes that wound into make-up, a floor of  jewelry that wound into electronics, a floor of home goods that wound into “kid land”, and then there was a straight up Costco floor. Seriously. Can you guess which was my favorite?

For those of you that couldn’t guess, it was the Costco floor. It was like every Asian supermarket I have ever been to at home on some major steroids, and I loved every square foot. Produce, peanut butter, dried pork; it was all there sprawled across this warehouse-lke space. There were even girls passing out samples… I was so overwhelmed and wanted to try EVERYTHING, because there is no such thing as too many Chinese snacks. In the end I decided on my favorite puffed rice crackers with icing (sounds weird but actually a delicious staple of my childhood), and some mini pancakes sandwiched together with some sweet bean paste.

I almost went for this one though, because boy do I love my home country of Ameria.

Look at that happy Amerian chef in front of the beautiful Amerian capital!

I could have spent days in the whole store just looking at everything, but my arms were getting sore from carrying around my purchases and I eventually tore myself away. In the end, I bought 18 hangers, a massive storage basket, a fork/spoon/knife set, a bag of crackers and a bag of mini pancakes, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a hairbrush… all for $25 US dollars. Thank you Lotte. I’m sure I will be seeing you soon.



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  1. The Amerian chef looks pretty chinese…

  2. thanks a lotte …that’s hilarious. you know i’m a sucker for puns!! you take care of yourself and have a fantastic time. keep up the blogging – we’ll enjoy it.

  3. Amerian chefs and Amerian buildings. In essence, that’s what makes Ameria, Ameria.

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