Gratuitous Food Photos

For a “wannabe foodie” I feel like I’ve been lacking on the food photos. So that is what this post is. Some pictures of food. Bam.

Little pouches of heaven from Ding Tai Feng aka Xiao Long BaoIMG_20130528_185800

Gong Gong with our feast at Ding Tai Feng. Because what’s the point of ordering 40 dumplings if you have no one to share them with?IMG_20130528_191128

Barbecued lamb on a metal skewer.IMG_20130612_144902

Pineapple-passion fruit juice with Boba. Sorry T-Pumps, this was better.IMG_20130612_151220

Duck Confit at a French-Vietnamese bistro in Hou Hai. Who would’ve thought?IMG_20130612_193446

So I realize now that is only 5 photos, but truthfully that’s almost all that I’ve got… In this day and age of instagram I kind of hate to whip my phone out to snap a picture at every meal.  However, for the sake of this blog and for the sake of my memory, I suppose I can force myself to become a little more obnoxious with my picture-taking habits.



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  1. I believe you are a step or two up from being a “wannabe” foodie… everything looks yummy… and Gong Gong looks delighted to be sharing a feast with you!

  2. Alexander the Great June 30, 2013 — 5:13 am

    what a great picture of gonggong! i’m so jealous, everything look delicious!

  3. OH MY GONGGONG! ADORABLE. also yum. i want dat tea drink PRONTO.

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