Hi hello! My name is Alina. If you’ve seen my blog before, you’ll know that I started this guy when I moved to Beijing for a summer in 2013. That summer turned into 8 spectacular months, during which I got to do really cool things like write for a magazine, work in a hotel, eat dumplings every day, and make friends from around the world. Of course, I eventually had to leave to do some practical things (i.e. make some money and finish university), but I still carry with me the lessons I learned in adventure, independence and spontaneity.

However, since I am no longer living as an expat in China, the nature of my blog posts nowadays are a bit different. Today, I’m writing with less of an update-family-and-friends-on-life agenda, and more of a here-are-some-things-I-like-to-do agenda (which, really, means there is no agenda). So you might read a bit about my travels, or a bit about my baking excursions, or a bit about my photography, or a bit about nothing in particular. I’m in that awkward phase of life (thankfully this one doesn’t involve braces and bad bangs ) where I’m trying to figure out how exactly to get my foot into the door of adulthood. Thanks for joining me on my journey(s).





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  1. Chris and Mel Bebbington May 26, 2013 — 8:57 pm

    We’re thinking about you! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog just now.
    Took Mr Darcy for a walk this morning, and stopped off at your moms on the way home. She was happy that you have arrived safely, and are starting to settle in. Phew! What a relief. Hope it all goes well.
    Much love,

  2. Great blog! Love all the photos. Will keep track of your treks.

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